Leucus Occultation 2018-11-18

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The finder below was provided by Bill Hanna, and has the target and orientation labeled. Its field of view is approximately 17 x 11 arcmin.

Finder for 20181118

The interactive map below shows our final prediction for the stellar occulation by (11351) Leucus on 2018 November 18 UT. The prediction is based on a Gaia DR2 position for the star and the v20181015204052c orbit estimate for Leucus. This orbit includes all astrometry up through October 2017.

Geocentric mid-time of the event is 02:09:01 UT. The time at San Antonio is 02:12:10 UT (20:12:10 local time). Star position is RA 20:42:49.1, Dec -07:11:42 (J2000), and its magnitude is 13.97. We will collect data for a total of 10 minutes centered on event time. Leucus is moving at 21 km/s with respect to the star and its diameter is estimated to be 45 km, so central chords are expected to last 2.1 seconds.

Below is a DSS image with a 40 x 40 arcmin field of view. The target and orientation are again labeled, as is the approximate field of view of the above finder.

Finder for 20181118

Finally, we have a 1 x 1 deg finder from Rose Smith, where the orientation and approximate field of view of the QHY are indicated.

Finder for 20181118

Coordinates of date for anyone that may need them are RA 20:43:49.5, Dec -07:07:35.

Updated: Nov 9, 2018