CDR Season and Team Transitions

Aug 12, 2019

We are in CDR season for the Lucy project. That means we are preparing for the mission CDR (Critical Design Review) that will be coming up in October (2019). To get ready for this big milestone, all the subsystems of the mission undergo individual CDRs or EPRs (Engineering Peer Reviews). These reviews are a chance for the project to have outside experts review our team’s detailed designs and ask questions so we can catch any issues early, before we begin fabrication.

The team at the Lucy Flight Dynamics review.

So far we have had CDRs/EPRs for our instruments, Structures, Telecom, Flight Dynamics, and Propulsion system. Coming up soon we will review the Ground System, G&C (Guidance and Control), and Systems Engineering. In total we have more than 15 subsystems to review!

It takes teamwork to have a successful spaceflight mission. I want to thank to those engineers, scientists, and project managers who take time from their projects to share their experience and plow through our documents and presentations and ask penetrating question that help Lucy succeed. Thank you!

Not only is this CDR season, but it is also a time of transition for the Lucy mission. Our Project Manager, Mike Donnelly, is retiring after 30 years of service to the government. Thank you, Mike, for getting us to this point in the mission and for all your work on NASA missions. It was a pleasure working with you over the years and we wish you the best in your retirement!

We would like to welcome Donya Douglas-Bradshaw as she transitions from being our Deputy Project Manager to our Project Manager. Donya, we are looking forward to working with you to build the Lucy spacecraft and get to the launch pad in October 2021.

Phil Christensen (L’TES Principal Investigator), Mike Donnelly (Retiring Project Manager), Chelsea Ferrell (Financial Analyst)
Jessica Thompson (Project System Engineer), Cathy Olkin (Deputy Principal Investigator), Donya Douglas-Bradshaw (Incoming Project Manager), Marjorie Haskell (Chief Safety & Mission Assurance Officer)