Meet the Team

Lucy Leadership

Hal Levison (SwRI)
Principal Investigator
Simone Marchi (SwRI)
Deputy Principal Investigator
Keith Noll (GSFC)
Project Scientist
John Spencer (SwRI)
Deputy Project Scientist
Rich Burns (GSFC)
Project Manager
John Andrews (SwRI)
Payload Deputy Project Manager
Mark Effertz (LM)
Spacecraft Engineer
Devon Poland (GSFC)
Mission Operations Manager
Peter Olufemi (GSFC)
Chief Safety & Mission Assurance Officer
Russel Carpenter (GSFC)
Deputy Project Manager
Bo Trieu (NASA HQ)
Program Executive
Thomas Statler (NASA HQ)
Program Scientist

The Lucy mission is only possible through the hard work and dedication of a huge team of scientists, engineers, and other professionals.

Meet some of our team memembers

Updated: Oct 13, 2022