L'Team - Featuring Anne Streeter

Mar 25, 2020

While a robot may be the one visiting the Trojan asteroids, people are responsible for getting it there. In L’Team we meet some of the people that make the Lucy Mission possible.

What is your role on the Lucy team?

My title is Associate Specialist assisting the SwRI Boulder Lucy team administratively. I also serve the team promotionally in the area of SWAG. I am the direct assistant to PI Hal Levison, handling his travel (and other Lucy team member’s travel), expense accounts, schedules, calendars, assisting with writing material, coordinating team reports, Lucy Science email management, a variety administrative perks at the ready and at your convenience. I started the Lucy SWAG branch; your Lucy pint glass sits comfortably on your Lucy coaster, Lucy notes taken in your Lucy notebook. Need a pop of color in your office? Four Lucy posters from the imaginary mind of Hal, are ready to bless that space. Lucy Super T’s? You need one, of course. One’s imagination is another’s coveted SWAG item. I design pieces with team members and vendors, brainstorm new items/pitch ideas/create sales campaigns/organize/coordinate and manage inventory & distribution.

Social outings, check. We know what happens when it’s all work and no play. So, if Escape Rooms are your thing? You’ve enjoyed an escape-adventure a la Lucy style that was likely coordinated by moi. I’ve also coordinated team dinners, parties, catered events and film crews documenting this incredible journey we all find ourselves on. I assist in coordinating the moving administrative parts concerning the Lucy Occultations from hotel bookings to the rental trucks and logistics as well as reimbursements to our team and Lucy volunteers.

The Boulder Lucy team loves their snacks. Peanut M&M’s or nothing… I keep the team knuckled deep in M&M’s and how I judge the overall stress levels when these candy coated gems are disappearing at a rapid pace. Pair your chocolate peanut with the perfect beer. A Lucy beer is on its way. Hal is designing his secret barley recipe. Your new Lucy bottle openers will come in handy for that suds launch.

Please describe the path you’ve taken to get here.

After graduating college, I entered into the TV industry. I worked on two shows, Good Afternoon Colorado and Hollywood One on One. From there I worked as a Writer/Producer with Encore Media and among a skeletal staff we launched the Starz! Network, that exists today. I was asked to manage the Production Dept. for another launch, pairing with Hallmark cards, creating The Hallmark Entertainment Network. We had sappy b-rated movies to launch with and this pushed my creative juices to make lemonade out of lemons; a valuable skill in any field and generally wise way to live. I decided to try my skills as a freelance writer and left the 9-5 lifestyle. I worked admin contract jobs to insure a roof over my head as well as ventured out with the freedom of anywhere can be one’s office. I lived in Italy for a few years and called Rome home where I learned how to properly curse and cook. About two years ago, one admin job really took me by surprise as did the people. I loved working with the SwRI-ites, from day one. So unique, so determined, actual rocket scientists. When they offered me a place on board, I took it after 20+ years of freelancing.

What has been your favorite part of the mission?

My favorite part of the mission is honestly Hal Levison and John Andrews and their bantering back and forth. They both are hilarious, draw others in who are hilarious and contribute to the escalating humor we all enjoy. This lifts stress levels, makes for fun interactions. The best part of this mission, are the people on this mission. There’s no question about it.

What is your favorite cocktail and why?

Ah, the magic potion of choice is generally a dirty martini with Kettle One, Guinness beer, Prosecco, and/or any wine from Italy while in Italy. Even their box wine is extraordinary at 2euros. Drinking for me is less about the liquid though and more about the laughter and camaraderie that generally follow.

Anne enjoying time with her nephews.

How would you finish this sentence… The best part of the job is?

The best part of the jobs is the variety and working with Hal. Hal is an extraordinary person not only in the field of science but perhaps, more importantly, in his dealings with people, his inclusion and desire to do the right thing and be good to others. He creates an environment that if you have the hustle and desire; Lucy is an avenue to pursue the path you want to follow, where the sky (the galaxy) is the limit.