Lucy Pre-Launch Guest Briefings

Dec 07, 2021

On October 15, 2021, one day before the NASA Lucy Spacecraft launched on its 12 year mission to the Trojan Asteroids, the Lucy team briefed the guests attending the launch about the mission.

Guest Briefing #1

Featuring: Hal Levison (SwRI), Jessica Lounsbury (GSFC), John Andrews (SwRI), Chris McCaa (LM), Taylor Brentin (ULA)

Special Guest Briefing Featuring Donald Johanson

Featuring: Donya Douglas-Bradshaw (GSFC), Keith Noll (GSFC), and Donald Johnason (ASU/IHO).

Special Pre-Launch Message from Dr. Z

Dr. Thomas Zurbuchen, NASA Associate Administrator for the Science Mission Directorate, gives his perspective on Lucy one day before launch.

Reunión Informativa para Invitados

Guest Brieding in Spanish. Featuring: Adriana Ocampo (NASA HQ), Wil Santiago (LM), and Jose Tillard (GSFC)

The following two guest briefings contain the same general information as Guest Briefing #1, presented by different team members.

Guest Briefing #2

Featuring: Cathy Olkin (SwRI), Micheal Vincent (SwRI), Micheal Sekerak (GSFC), Rich Lipe (LM), Taylor Brentin (ULA), and Thomas Zurbuchen (NASA HQ)

Guest Briefing #3

Featuring: Tom Statler (NASA HQ), Simone Marchi (SwRI), Vince Elliot (GSFC), Emily Gramlich (LM), and Taylor Brentin (ULA)

Banner Image Credit: NASA/Kevin O’Connell and Bob Lau