Sampling the NASA Lucy Soundscape

Jul 18, 2022

In the spring of 2021, the Lucy team first sent out a call for musicians to join together and create the ever-growing NASA Lucy Mission Soundscape. Since that time, members of the Lucy team have been thrilled to draw from that amazing soundscape to help tell the Lucy Story with music.

While we cannot credit all individuals who have contributed to the soundscape (though we encourage you to search for the #NASALucySoundscape hashtag on your social media platform of choice to browse for more!), we wanted to highlight some of the ways that the music has been used by the Lucy team. Below are links highlighting some of the soundscape music and showing some products that the music has been featured in. In addition to being used in various Lucy videos and social media posts, some early contributions were used to set the mood during live events at Kennedy Space Center in the days leading up to launch (the “Launch Soundtrack”). Thank you so much to the amazing artists who have made this possible!

If you are so inspired, please consider adding your own original music to the #NASALucySoundscape by following the guidelines posted here (Terms and Conditions).

Contributor Link to Music Featured In
Jeremy Kerner NASA Lucy Soundscape Launch Soundtrack, Instagram
Dan Lynch Lucy (Music for the NASA Mission) Launch Soundtrack, Twitter
Francisco Ramírez Lucy Soundscape Launch Soundrack
Bernardo Sáez Garcia Lucy in Space Soundscape Launch Soundtrack
Emilio Aguilar Aquiles Launch Soundtrack
Shawn Renzoh Head Lucy Reibo Launch Soundtrack
Alfredo Ramírez NASA’s Lucy Soundscape Launch Soundtrack
Akire Tatnac Off to Amazing Launch Soundtrack
Johannes Bowman NASA Lucy Soundscape Launch Soundtrack
Luca Mussino Lucy in the Sky Launch Soundtrack
Tom Statler Vision of Discovery Launch Soundtrack, Twitter
Ben Boatwright Fanfare For Lucy - NASA Lucy Soundscape Launch Soundtrack
Scott Hagarty Fanfare for the Lucy Soundscape Instagram

Our deepest gratitude to all of the artists who have contributed to the Lucy Soundscape and to those who choose to contribute in the future!