Eurybates Occultation 2021-12-09 (G* = 11.4)

The interactive map below shows our current prediction for the stellar occultation by (3548) Eurybates on 2021 December 9 UT. The prediction is based on a Gaia EDR3 position for the star, corrected for parallax and proper motion, and the v20211115202851 orbit estimate for Eurybates, which has a 1-sigma cross-track uncertainty of 5.3 km.

Geocentric mid-time of the event is 18:15:44 UT. Star position is RA 03:28:52.1, Dec +21:49:25 (J2000), and its magnitude is 12.31. Eurybates is moving at 14 km/s with respect to the star and its diameter is estimated to be 66 km, so central chords are expected to last 4.8 seconds. Eurybates' magnitude is predicted to be 16.3 at event time, so it will be 39 times fainter than the star.

Updated: Nov 15, 2021