Eurybates Occultation 2022-09-18 (G* = 10.4)

The interactive map below shows our current prediction for the stellar occultation by (3548) Eurybates on 2022 September 18 UT. The prediction is based on a Gaia eDR3 position for the star, corrected for parallax and proper motion, and the v20220915001300 orbit estimate for Eurybates, which is derived from eurybates_20220913a_nimagaiaocc1_short.bsp. This ephemeris has a 1-sigma crosstrack uncertainty of 18.9 km and a 1-sigma downtrack uncertainty of 2.0 sec for this event.

Geocentric mid-time of the event is 01:21:05 UT, and event time for observers in Italy is 01:17:38 UT. The J2000 star position is RA 06:44:03.4 (6.734265), Dec +28:31:59 (28.53303), and its magnitude is 10.91. Eurybates is moving at 21.4 km/s with respect to the star and its diameter is estimated to be 66 km, so central chords are expected to last 3.1 seconds.

Of-date coordinates for the target star on event night are RA 06:45:29.4 (6.758167), Dec +28:30:31 (28.50861).

Updated: Sep 15, 2022