Polymele Occultation 2022-12-27 (G* = 14.5)

The interactive map below shows our current prediction for the stellar occultation by (15094) Polymele on 2022 December 27 UT. The prediction is based on a Gaia eDR3 position for the star, corrected for parallax and proper motion, and the v20220626020753 orbit estimate for Polymele, which is derived from polymele_sbp_20220623a.bsp. This ephemeris has a 1-sigma crosstrack uncertainty of 2.7 km and a 1-sigma downtrack uncertainty of 0.4 sec for this event.

Geocentric mid-time of the event is 05:20:14 UT. The map below shows star symbols on the predicted centerline that are labelled with the event time at that location.

The J2000 star position is RA 07:02:45.2 (7.045889), Dec +35:27:39 (35.46083), and its magnitude is 14.40. Polymele is moving at 16 km/s with respect to the star. The shadow width is estimated to be 20 km in the crosstrack direction and 25 km in the downtrack direction, so central chords are expected to last 1.5 seconds.

Of-date coordinates for the target star on event night are RA 07:04:16.9 (7.071361), Dec +35:25:33 (35.42583).

Updated: Dec 09, 2022