Lucy Snowflake

Dec 23, 2020

Make your own Lucy Snowflake!

Starting with Letter Paper

Modified from Petrović & Obradović Fig 3
  1. Fold your paper in half and crease
  2. Fold it in half again just to mark the midpoint (P), unfold
  3. Take the far corner of the folded side (K) and fold it to point P
  4. Crease well
  5. Fold the remaining corner (L) over, along the edge you just folded
  6. Crease well
  7. Fold the remaining flap up (this should line up nicely)
  8. Crease well, and note that if you unfold it, you can see the distance between the corner at the smallest inner flap (~3.75 in from the corner)
  9. Cut straight across, making sure that the distance from your cut to the corner is not more than your inner flap (w ≤ 3.75 in)
  10. Get creative and cut pretty designs in the edges. Unfold to see what you made!
  11. If you want to include the Lucy bus and instrument pointing platform, the total height should be about 4 in and the total width should be about 2 in

PDF Instructions for Letter Paper

PDF Instructions for A4 Paper

Reference: Petrović & Obradović 2010, “Forming a regular pentagon, degagon and pentagram using origami technique”, Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference for Geometry and Engineering Graphics, pp. 542-554.